Saturday, September 28, 2013

Man Pedals Same Bike To, Across and From San Francisco Bay!

Note: With just a small bit of web research, i found out that Shuttle Bike, the Italian company that made the bike accessory Judah Schjller, below,  used to pedal across the Bay has been trying to promote its invention here in Europe  since 1992.

What it took to get this 'new way of biking'" really  known about in the USA was a good marketing guy. Enter Judah Schiller, the founder of two San Francisco brand marketing companies. 
Aiko  and Saatchi & Saatchi). A tip of the hit to him for knowing how to spin the half baked Bay Bridge bike path to get publicity for both a water bike lane and for his ad agency!!

Judah Schiller, a former attorney and single father of three, rode to the 
water's edge in Oakland, CA, outfitted his bike with a propeller and 
pontoons (a ten-minute job) and 45 minutes later he was 
at the Ferry Building in San Francisco!

And yet there again, Judah may have taken his  inspiration from the Kinetic Sculpture racers who have been pedaling on water and land since the early 1970's:

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  1. I love it. I wish Thomas Stevens and I would have had that for our Transcontinental Rides - starting at the Golden Gate Park beach and going to Boston. Thomas took the ferry in 1884. I took the (traffic packed) Bay Bridge in 2000.