Sunday, October 7, 2012

HiWheel Record Holder Builds Most Sustainable Home in USA?

From the food he grows and cooks to the surplus of energy he creates to the recycled construction materials he uses to how his foundation has been rebuilt and the alignment of his walls and windows, etc, etc, this man's home is a case study in the highest art form of sustaianble living. All this from the man who rode a HiWheel bike across America 12 years ago in an astonishing 29 days (Hear the 3-19-06 Podcast (35:35)). I challenge anyone to forward a more sustainable operation anywhere in America. As well, bear in mind, that the home he describes in the above video aslo houses a museum full of some of the rarest antique  bikes in the world.

Here is the .sig he closes his emails with:

Steve Stevens
Golden Oldy Cyclery
“The Sustainable Museum of Sustainable Transportation”

·         Grossly Energy Positive.
·         Net Zero Electricity Since 2006.
·         Net Zero total  Energy since 2008
·         Carbon Negative SINCE 2008
·         Producing Fruit (Tropical and Temperate)
              and Vegetables from the former landscaped
              0.19 Acre lot. 
·         Powering 2 Plug In Cars…
              While Selling ~ 8500 KWH surplus power back …
              to the grid annually from  the Rooftop.

“Home & Museum Powered By the SUN &
and delivered FARM to TABLE by FOOT”

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