Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gov. Brown Continues His Indifference to Cyclists

Nothing has changed about this man since his unremarkable term as the Mayor of Oakland. Then, outside of a hard fought proclamation,  he had nothing to do with our annual Mayors' Rides. He ignored bike activists like myself and architect, Ron Bishop, now deceased, who was only honored as Mr. Bike Oakland, once Mr Brown had let go of the political stepping stone Oakland was for him.

Now as the state's governor, Brown is continuing his indifference to the needs of cyclists. If you can believe this, he vetoed the three foot safe passing law that is already  in place in almost half of the nation's states. He waited until the 11th hour to express the one, easily amendable concern he had with the bill, when he then vetoed it.....


btw: More politics, he did this on a Friday night when the news hounds are sadly less active ......

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